When the Show Itself Isn't Good Enough!

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What are we?
Screencaptions is a community for taking screencaps of various shows on your computer and photoshopping dialouge into them, or even just for screencaps that are funny, unintentionally subtexty, etc. We support slash and het.

How do I take a screencap with Windows Media Player?
For that, I link you here. Handy tutorial.

How do I take a screencap with DVDs?
Link here.

Where else can I get screencaps?
There are lots of screencap sites. If they ask for credit, I ask that you give it, and please don't direct link to them. Other than that, I don't see any problem with using those :).

What kind of images can I post?
Things you find unintentionally funny, or situations which wouldn't normally be amusing but are once you add captions. Any fandom is allowed!

Any other rules?
Please lj-cut all pictures so you don't screw up other people's friends pages. Other than that, I can't think of anything.

Any futher questions? Comment on the community or email me at kaeda@water-witch.net!